Mantero 1902
Mantero 1902 is an Italian scarf brand under the well-established Mantero Seta S.p.A., a major global manufacturer in the creation, production and distribution of men and women’s fabrics and accessories for luxury fashion brands. Established in 1902 by Riccardo Mantero, its headquarters are located in Como, Italy. Service, quality and professionalism have resulted in the construction of a portfolio of international customers, including the names of luxury fashion brands like Christian Lacroix, Kenzo, Nina Ricci, Vivienne Westwood and Iceberg and the list goes on.

Created according to tradition, all the items in the Mantero 1902 collection are made using the noblest of fabrics and techniques: silk twill, silkscreen prints, sophisticated handcrafted edges and all-over patterns. Each scarf, embodies over a century of history and exudes an all Italian allure. Like a diamond, a string of pearls or a “little black dress”, the collection is unique and timeless.