Coye Nokes

Functionality and style for the busy modern girl, something that Coye Nokes is all too familiar with. Formerly a strategy consultant at a boutique London firm, Nokes has spent years travelling the world advising big name luxury brands. She did so up until fall 2009. Wanting to merge her passion for industry with her love of shoes, she started her own brand to design women’s shoes that transition easily from the office to the nightclub
Having spent much of her life on the move, advising major companies around the globe, Coye Nokes understands proper footwear. Her shoes are effortlessly chic and confidently feminine, but not at the cost of functionality; every shoe is handmade by Italian artisans with only the finest quality leather soles and insoles. As a result of many years of searching for the perfect balance between style and comfort, Nokes has outfitted her collection with a pair of shoes to fit any occasion. Whether it is the conference room or at a cocktail party, Nokes will have you standing comfortably in every situation.