Shoelery by Erica Giuliani

One evening, Canadian sisters Patricia and Nadia Macri were preparing for a night out. Both were looking for the perfect outfit but could not seem to find the right pair of shoes. “Wouldn't it be great if we could take the accessories on and off when we wanted to?” Patricia said while trying on a pair of boots. And from there, Shoelery was born.
The two sisters started the company, Erica Giuliani, to help realize their vision. Starting from a small kiosk in a mall, Erica Giuliani has gone a long way since it's early conception. Nowadays, Shoelery can be found in stores all across North America, Europe and Australia.
Shoelery, described as jewellery for your shoes, is revolutionizing the way we think about shoes. Accessories on shoes can be taken on and off at will, allow for customization for any occasion.
Erica Giuliani currently distributes every kind of Shoelery; from simple clips to intricate leg warmers, the sisters offer something to make every outfit unique and personalized.