Sara Giunti is a young, Roman designer who combines technological innovation with chic designs. Born and raised in Rome, she studied fashion at IED - European Institute of Design - before starting her first brand, L'ED, or L'Emotion design. L'ED launched a line of handbags which incorporated a sleek, minimalistic design with functional USB ports to charge electronic devices.

She launched her second brand, Siamoises, to spread the idea of harmonic coexistence between fashion and technology to clothing. This company specializes in graphic designs, with each shirt depicting an iconic image of a baby on it. However, when viewed with a camera phone, with the correct apps installed, a completely new design emerges. Propelling the viewer into a new auditory and visual world, the photographer has the chance to showcase the multitude of designs instantly over the web.

For her revolutionary accomplishments, Sara Giunti was awarded with the “Ambassador of Entrepreneurial Values Award” at Ardesis Festival's European Enterprise Day.