Hong Kong
Inspired by her own Chinese name ‘Ho-man’, the founder and designer of Homanz, Ms. Shirley Tsang, created the brand “Homanz”. After passing by the University of Fine Arts in Australia and later in Canada, she worked in her father´s company, who with 30 years of experience in handbag manufacturing, knew convey all the passion and aroused her curiosity even more. In 2006, Shirley creates her own brand and her first collection is presented in Japan.

Homanz, is a handbag brand that mixes classic with contemporary design, simple outlook and timeless design, which displays the elegance and inner beauty of the modern woman. The core design concept revolves around the pleasure and satisfaction that modern women obtained in their daily lives. Its unique ‘ring pattern’ design symbolizes a “perfect life” that every woman aspires, and shows the dedication of the mark in meeting the need of women. Shirley expects every woman who wears her bags can grasp its inner joy and pride.

Homanz bags are made from supreme Italian leather with fine metal ware and a great deal of craftsmanship to ensure its consistency in top class quality.